Send Luxury Flowers

Send Luxury Flowers

from 65.00

The Colour palette

Bondi Beach - Yellows and Whites

Sunset Boulevard - Vibrant

Fifth Avenue - Purples and Pinks

Royal Mile - Scottish theme

Bond Street - Rich Greens and Reds

Champs Elysees - Purples and whites

Lake Como - Pastels

DisneyMainStreet - Reds

Abbey Road - Whites and Pinks

Florists Choice - I like them all!

Send our luxury collection to someone you love. This collection offers the absolute best this season can offer. Beautifully wrapped and perfectly prepared.

No 2 Bouquets are the same! They come in water, with a box and card.

Each place indicates the colours and theme incorporated into your flowers, you can select your chosen bouquet after selecting your size and clicking add to cart

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