Grooms Buttonhole


Grooms Buttonhole consits of any 3 flowers, a little foliage and wiring for the extra touch.

Bridal Party Buttonhole


Bridal Party Buttonholes consist of 2 flowers - similar to groom with wiring.

Guest Buttonhole


Guest Buttonholes or Corages start at £8+
Any colour or design to match your outift for the special occasion.

Bridal Bouquet


Created around your colour choices and theme discussed during a consultation, each and every bridal bouquet is different and personal to all of our brides.

Bridesmaids Bouquet


Bridesmaids bouquets are usually smaller versions of the brides but we can make something a little different too.

Flower Girl PomPom


Flower PomPoms, easy to carry and perfect for the little ones to walk down the aisle with.


  • £120+

    All tall floral centrepieces start at £75, lower centrepiecies start at £45. Designed to match your chosen decor and bridal flowers.



Floral arches start at £300 and are the perfect way to say 'i do'.

Top Table


Top Table flowers are the decor focal point of the room during the speeches and you can use your top table arrangement during the ceremony too, something pretty next to you whilst you sign your new name.

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Chair Covers/Bands


Chair cover hire - set up and collection included. Minimum hire of 50 covers for large events. Colours include: white, black, gold silver and dusty pinks.

Decor Centrepieces


Decor centrepeices start are created to suit each style of event. Please arrange a consult for more info.